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This past Friday, I decided to stop down to the East End and see what was going on @ One (1 Ryan Alley) and Pearl (349 East Avenue).

I have heard about the Velvet Vixens burlesque group and DJ Jonathan Herbert's Release party (Fridays @ One), so I thought I would check it out and get a few words from Angel Carter, the founder of the Velvet Vixens and a well-known Rochester party attendee. Here's what she had to say about herself, the Vixens, and also a review of the evening. Ch-Ch-Ch-Check it...

ACT:LIVE: Hi, Angel (pronounced Ann-gel). Tell the people of Rochester about yourself and what the story is behind the Velvet Vixens.

Angel: I just turned twenty-eight in February, I am a mother of two, I'm a school teacher, and I have always been interested in art and dancing. I have studied dance since I was seven years old.

I wanted to do burlesque because it's fun and appealing. Some people say it's stripping, but it's not. There are no clothes coming off me (laughs). We can tease men with a burlap sack, please.

I want people to feel good when they come, to feel that they can have a good time and not feel alienated or uncomfortable. And if they come see us, they will definitely have a good time. They won't be able to help but have a good time. It's infectious.

I started the Velvet Vixens because I love entertainment. I love women who look classy and beautiful and can come out and tease guys without being naked... leaving something to the imagination.

I have a sword swallower, I fire breathe. We do lots of go-go dancing right now. I have April, who works with me, Ashley, and Danielle. Riley is my sword swallower and she shows up for special events. We want to put on a show that's different than anything else in Rochester. We're all about personality. I want girls that go out and have a good time and talk to people - to be approachable. We want to have fun and have people come back to see us every week on Fridays.

ACT:LIVE: Now, the drag shows and burlesque shows have been kicking around Rochester for quite some time. Muther's made them very popular, but many have said that the shows have been done before and it's gotten old. How do you feel about that, and what is going to re-kindle that flame?

Angel: Well, with past shows in Rochester, I feel that all they do is just dance. I felt like I was going to a football game and just watching the cheerleaders. We aren't that simple. Like I said, we have special talents, and with the diversity of the girls and talents, we will definitely capture your attention at our events.

Riley, for example, is one of the only women in the United States who is actually registered to be doing what she is doing with the backing of the Sword Swallowing Association, so that is one thing alone that you won't see just anywhere else, and most importantly, in Rochester.

They will also see the champagne routine with a girl spinning in a six foot glass of champagne. You won't see that anywhere else around here, and the groups before us, they never took it past dancing. It's not a cheerleading routine. It's entertainment.

ACT:LIVE: I get that you ladies want to have fun and put on a show, but by doing this here are you here to promote any particular club or outfit, such as One or Jonathan Herbert? Or is this venue and others simply your platform for bigger things to come?

Angel: We are out here to help promote other venues and other artists, we aren't just out here for the Velvet Vixens. We want Velvet Vixens to be known as a group that will perform at a variety of events like art openings as well as other artistic events including the nightclubs.

We aren't here for just one particular venue or event. We want to work closely with other local artists so we can bring our talent to the party, too. People need to look out for us - summer is here, so we will be out everywhere.

ACT:LIVE: What are some other events you have planned in the near future for the Velvet Vixens?

Angel: Right now we are working with another nightclub to start dancing for them on a night yet to be announced. We are working with another group in Buffalo who has a more extreme burlesque show. They have the champagne routine and fire breathing routine.

I would like people to see that we aren't just a pretty face dancing. We all have individual talents. We even have a girl who can hula hoop with 20 hoops - all with a martini on her head. We are entertainment, not just pretty faces. We're very versatile. If you can imagine a vintage burlesque show, that's what we will be doing.

ACT:LIVE: Any heads-up on the music backing you guys? A DJ or band?

Angel: At One, we are more dance party-oriented with DJ Jonathan Herbert and the house music, but depending on the show and venue, the music can change. We like big, classic songs by groups like Queen, too. There is a variety of music we want to perform with.

ACT:LIVE: What's your next event coming up?

Angel: We are going to be performing for a lingerie fashion show Friday, June 6th here at One for another Release party event. We will be dancing and showing off some naughty fashions so I encourage everyone to stop out, have a good time, and take a peek...

The fashion show that Angel is referring to is another Release party featuring lingerie fashions from Naughty and Nice and music by Jonathan Herbert. This party is scheduled for Friday, June 6th @ One Nightclub & Restaurant in the Ryan Alley, just off of East Avenue, near the corner of Alexander Street.

I had a lot of fun watching these girls, and like Angel said, they do bring personality. They are fun and approachable and definitely provide some nice eye candy for the club. I'm not trying to say they are just pretty faces, but they definitely are pretty.

It was nice to see that One has finally made an advance on utilizing that monster projection system behind the bar. Granted, it's an oversized Windows Media Player music-synched graphic, but it's progress.

The crowd was a good size considering that Club Syxx (now known as The Bar?) had twelve-and-over night right next door, and what's really nice to see is the diversity of the crowd at One. It's a place for people of all ages, ethnicities, and genders to come together and get down to some great music. Cheers to that.

I was far more pleased with Jon's set @ One than the under-promoted and under-hyped show by the famed Pase Rock @ Pearl.

However, Steve Aoki is June 6th over @ Pearl, make sure you stop down there for that show, especially if you want to mosh and bang your head to some club music.

I have to say, I am a fan of Jon Herbert's party-friendly, pop-lockin' house style. It's a sensible mix of the old-school house and new school funk that sticks to your soul on the dance floor. Honey-dipped beats... can I say that?

The latest venture for DJ Jonathan Herbert, on the other hand, was The White Party, an event name dually claimed by Tilt (444 Central Avenue) and Pearl. Expect to see some pictures and a little review of both events this week on RIPROC. Maybe I'll also get Jon to say a few words and let us know how it went.

'Til next time, kiddies. Peace.

- james niche, act:live

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