ASAP Featuring JD Riggz & Rella - 'Who Am I?' (Directed by Mike Dispenza)

Here is another cat that has been hustling here in the ROC.....damn I get sick of that abbreviation...can we come up with another one, or is it ROC to stay?

Anyways, here he is, ASAP. This video was shot this past summer by Mike Dispenza, Mike Hanlon and a crew of super talented Rochesterians. The video looks like a million bucks and the song is smooth.

Peace to ASAP.

ACT:LIVE w/ LUCID (Plattsburgh, NY)

ACT:LIVE finds the Brown Bag All-Stars @ Fat Beats

Yo everybody!

It's been a minute since I've posted some new and exciting shit besides interviews, so here is something new.

A few weeks ago, Reece Q and I embarked on a journey and gig in NYC to meet up with some established relationships and also build new ones.

One of the new ones is with J57 and the boys at Feat Beats Records/Brown Bag All Stars. These cats are KILLING it.

J57 not only works behind the front desk at Fat Beats and has thoroughly paid his dues, but also produces/MCs music for his group, The Brown Bag All-Stars. Another little side note is they are also very close to the AOK Collective, Homeboy Sandman, P So, 8thW1 and other friends of ours as well.....seems like we all make one big NY hip-hop family!

J57 was also kind enough to share a few words for a small documentary ACT:LIVE shot while down in NYC, look for that soon. (J57 is the first MC on the track in the upcoming video, 'Undeniable')

So, cheers to all the love NYC gave to us, I plan on having them up here for a show pretty damn soon's going to be a show YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS!!

For more info about Brown Bag All-Stars go to...

Brown Bag All-Stars Blog:

Brown Bag All-Stars MySpace:

- DJ Games