ACT:LIVE Presents:
MAY 27th
Dub Land Underground

Ticket Info:

ACT:LIVE & The Dub Land Underground are proud to present Slick Rick The Ruler

Wednesday May 27th, 2009 @ The Dub Land Underground

Ticket Go On Sale March 23rd, 2009 @ These Fine Locations

$30 Presale

Krud Co. (Howell St.)

Thread Clothing (South Ave.)

SkyeHigh (Monroe Ave.)

Lakeshore Record Exchange (Park Ave.)

The Record Archive (Rockwell Ave.)

The Dub Land Underground (Alexander St.)

This is a 300 person private party with Slick Rick performing, if you do not have a ticket, you will not enter the building. Stated.

We can't wait to present such a classic act to Rochester, we hope to see you there.

This will be the sickest hip-hop show in recent Rochester history.

All thanks to the hard work of ACT:LIVE, The Dub Land Underground and the guys at RIPROC.

See you May 27th.

See The Poster/Flier For More Details

Exciting News & Construction Underway
ACT:LIVE Returning In May

werd: james niche

Where have you been?

This is something that has been frequenting the subject box in a lot of recent emails to ACT:LIVE. Well, I have the answers.

We have been working diligently this past year to expose Rochester’s art and music community, throw some killer events and even touch on FCC airwaves and now it’s time to expand.

We were never sure where this whole thing was going, like any business, but ACT:LIVE is paving it’s own road into your homes and computers very soon.

The success of the website and it’s following has had me developing and thinking for a long time on how to improve this machine to better promote all you area artists and musicians.

I have now joined forces with Josh Currier, Nicholas Baish, DJ Tim Tones and Mike Hanlon to form what is now the official ACT:LIVE team.

You may have read a little while ago about the radio team, but this is a bit different.

Josh Currier and I are putting together a brand new, fully operational ACT:LIVE website for the city to be up by May, the ACT:LIVE one year anniversary.

It will be filled with local artist files, local venue files, events calendars, video interviews, reviews, video from the streets, live footage from concerts, local shopping and much more.

This will become THE place to find out about anything and everything independent.

Now, the website is great, but we have icing for this cake. The ACT:LIVE Television show.

This show will air on Sundays at 9:30pm on Time Warner Cable 15.

This show will be a direct reflection of everything we have been doing the past year except now we can take all of our ideas to video, for the city.

We plan to make the community a big part of the show in many ways. You can look forward to musician interviews, artist interviews, Q & As, political and social news coverage, entertaining clips straight from your neighborhood and much, much more.

So, as you can see we have been extremely busy.

I urge you to stay tuned and pay attention out on the streets; this is going to hit Rochester very soon. May, people, May.
I thank you all so much for your interest and devotion to the site and what we do. Without you this wouldn’t be possible.

- Games

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