Daryl Palumbo Of Glassjaw and Head Automatica, Appears In Cage Video

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Daryl Palumbo, front man for the infamous, Long island hardcore group, Glassjaw and singer for the electronic-pop outfit, Head Automatica, (produced by Dan The Automator)
has made a recent appearance in Cage's video, 'Shoot Frank'.

Not only has Glassjaw been one of the most illusive bands of our time, but Daryl's struggle with Chrohn's disease has limited almost every bit of touring they have been scheduled to do for the past seven years.

One could assume that he has a good amount of down-time while not being out on the road, so I could see that leading to more and more practice on his electronic craft.

In Palumbo's spare time, he has spent many hours on the wheels of steel, be it at a hip-hop joint or various dance clubs around Manhattan. That's where I am assuming he has made this connection with Cage.

Cage, also a member of the Manhattan music community and high on the Definitive Jux Records roster, has crossed paths with Palumbo on this airy hip-hop track, 'Shoot Frank'.

Check out the video, not too shabby.

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Rebel Radio 4 & 5
Buffalo, NY 12/27

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This Saturday is my birthday. It's my dirty, f-in' 30 to be exact, and I'll be spending my night as manager of Reece Q and ACT:LIVE representative.

It's not exactly what I thought I would be doing for my thirtieth, but it's another chance to kill some shit on the road.

Why am I going to be in Buffalo, you ask? Well, Reece Q's 'Jazz Couplets 2.3' from the 'Quote To Self' album, has just been released on 'Rebel Radio 4 & 5'.

The Rebel Radio compilation is something that has been put out for the past four years by Deep Thinka Records, out of Buffalo, NY. I believe that the hip-hop group, Fresh Guac, are the founders of this label. Fresh Guac are also natives of Buffalo.

About 5,000 copies of the discs are made and it's all for charity.

There are artists on the compilation ranging from Skyzoo, Pacewon, Kanser, Edreys, Pete Rock, Styles P all the way to Reece Q.

The artists come from all over the country to meet, network and have a good time. Once again, all for charity. I know each performer will only be performing two songs each, so it will be fast-paced and more of a party atmosphere as opposed to a long concert.

So, I'm going out to spread the good word of the Rochester hip-hop gospel. If you can make it out, definitely do.

The event is at Broadway Joe's on Main Street in Amherst, right down the street from UB. Afterwards, some of us will be heading to a drum and bass party going on. The name of which escapes me. But, for more info, ask this gentleman...SMD. You can contact him by clicking HERE.

The Rebel Radio Community Jam, Saturday, December 27th. Broadway Joe's, Buffalo.

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G Inc.
Victor Gomez On The Mic

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Victor Gomez (owner and designer, G Inc. Clothing, Monroe Ave.) is a man I can definitely relate to. A man many of us independent thinkers and entrepreneurs can relate to believe it or not.

He grew up like many of us, was never really a student of the classroom, but studied the streets.

He has worked all over Rochester in the retail industry until it became very apparent to him that no matter where he was working, the top is just not good enough.

He makes his own rules, he writes his own checks and he's got the goods to cash them checks.

He's a proud father, independent thinker, man of the streets and a guy with a lot of heart for this city.

Out of his retail experience and employment pitfalls, came G Inc.. A free-thinking clothing company founded by Gomez and designed exclusively by Gomez.

He has made his mark in Rochester through fashion exhibits, word of mouth, club mayhem and just plain hard work.

His clothes have been seen on celebrities across the country, he has made numerous attempts to brand his name out of state and has adorned the pages of the Rochester Insider for the past two years.

Victor, as he told me, feels he has hit a cap here in Rochester and wants to move onto the next big thing.

He has a son to care for, a business to run and a life to live to the fullest.

He spent some time with me recently to talk about the possibility of G Inc. moving and Method Man donning his gear.

Here's a few minutes with Victor Gomez. Dig In...

ACT:LIVE: So what the hell is new man? I’ve heard some things…

Right now, we are coming up on our three year anniversary. February 1st, we might be moving.

We are definitely getting out of this space, but we’re not sure as to where we are going yet. We are debating moving in with Skyehigh, but we’re keeping our options open.

For now, its Christmas time so we are busy pushing the clothes out the door. People have been coming out of the woodwork to get their custom designs made.

ACT:LIVE: The custom work…are these customers requesting custom work, or is it you just creating personalized clothing?

Some of them are custom designs…most times people bring piles of clothes, including children's clothes, for me to fit my designs onto. When I say custom designs, I mean one of a kind for that piece of clothing. People will bring their clothes to me so I can press my own designs and dress it up.

ACT:LIVE: What is the thought behind moving out of your space, and why Skyehigh?

For one, they are on Monroe Ave. They are neighborhood people who have a client base that I don’t have and I have a client base that they don’t have.

The rent in the space I am in now is exorbitant.

They (property owners) feel that anything on this stretch of Monroe is prime real estate. There’s no ‘prime’ anything around here. We need more local people shopping on the street instead of going to the mall.

We need local love. Everybody is out sweating the malls while we wait for customers down here.

ACT:LIVE: How relevant do you think your product is to this area and this market?

I think there is a sub-culture of people in this city, whether it’s skateboarders, club kids, ravers, rock kids…I would like to think that I offer a product that they can all enjoy. So, I think what I’m doing is definitely relevant to Rochester.

I think I have reached a point of ‘graduation’ with the company, it’s onto the next thing now.

ACT:LIVE: What is the next thing in your eyes?

I hope that things develop further with some of the people I am reaching out to.

I’m sending some clothes out to the producer of a new film, ‘Sinners and Saints’. Method Man will be in the movie and hopefully we will see him rocking G Inc. designs.

I just sent out a box of clothes to them, so I’m hoping to see Method Man, as the lead actor, rocking my hoody.

I’m really pushing my clothes out of town right now.

I have people in Atlanta, Florida and all over looking for our clothes. I’m not saying fuck Rochester, because I have a lot of work to do here at home, but I am definitely expanding my market.

I owe a lot to this city. I opened up my shop a mile away from where I grew up.

I’m here; it’s just time to get more local love.

I don’t sell posters and knick-knacks, I sell clothes and I make them.

You can go to the mall and buy an $80 hoody, but my hoody would smash it.

ACT:LIVE: Have you advertised at all?

I push my clothes out at the clubs, through fashion shows and word of mouth. I don’t spend money on advertising; the clothes speak for themselves and bring people in.

Guerrilla marketing man, you gotta get out there and do it for you.

I go out with my crew, bring cameras and take pictures. It’s all about the vanity of the public. They love to see pictures of themselves, so I put them up on the website and the MySpace.

They love to see themselves and I love seeing them in my clothes.

ACT:LIVE: Is there a message that you would like to convey to your audience and mine?

We all need more local love, man. Just like with the article you did with Nick (Nick Giordano, owner Dorje Adornments), we need more awareness to reach out the city and the suburbs.

People are really missing out on how special our little neighborhoods are.

There are a lot of unique people, unique places to shop, get pierced and get tatted up.

Still, after three years, there are people that don’t know about me. So, is my job done here yet? No.

It’s a continuous battle to get people downtown to shop.

People can be like sheep. There’s a path, it’s called 590, it leads you right to the mall. There’s another path, it’s called the mall parking lot, people will park a mile away and still go there to shop. Why?

Down here is a different path and people don’t choose to take it. I don’t know why, because there are some really fun places to go down here.

Aaron's Alley, Poster Art, Mercury Posters, Lucky Lotus Tattoo, Thread Clothing on South Ave. and even the little pizza shops are a great places to go and you won’t get anything like these places at the mall.

Plus, you can support independent businesses created by people who have lived here their whole lives. Why would you not want to support that?

Don’t be seasonal either. You walk through the mall parking lot in the snow, so why not on Monroe Ave.? It’s warm in here, we have music, movies and we will treat you like family.

The bottom line is this…my customers like to look good and have a good time. I would like to think that we offer that good time and keep people looking good and happy…period.

I've said it before and I'll preach it until the day I die in this city...


G Inc. has a unique thing going on downtown, Victor will be sure to help you out with whatever you need (unless it's directions to the mall), so get off your suburban boat and sink that shit.

Rochester is where it's at. Rochester has the fashion sources you want and need.

Do you really want to look like every other toolbag that buys clothes from the mall?

You preach that you don't, so once again...Fuck The Mall.

G Inc. is located at 639 Monroe Ave., right across from Oxfords.

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"Indy Dude Of The Year"

James Niche

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In-dy [in-dee]

1. Indianapolis, Ind.
2. the Indianapolis 500
3. of or pertaining to the Indianapolis 500
4. A person who performs an act that makes them seem 'whipped' to their significant other
5. Short for Indiana Jones, played by Harrison Ford

Dude [dood,dyood]

1. A man excessively concerned with his clothes, grooming and manners
2. Slang. fellow, chap
3. A person reared in a large city
4. An urban easterner who vacations on a ranch

I want to sincerely thank the Rochester Insider for thinking of ACT:LIVE and finally paying a bit more attention to the local scene within the past few months.

There are a couple people over at Insider that I really like and would like to give a shout out to...

Rich Paprocki - photography
Emily Shearing - writer

These guys have been helping out a lot and have a great attitude. So, cheers guys.

The title is a bit vague and almost funny, but I'm flattered.

Thanks really goes to all of you who have been attending events and having a good time. The people are really what keep us going.

Cheers, Rochester.

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RIPROC & Turntable Throwdown Presents...
The Turntable Throwback

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Every promoter knows that the best nights of the year to be out with friends is right before the holidays, be it Thanksgiving or Christmas, everyone wants to go out and see their friends and get wasted before they return to their families the next day.

The boys at RIPROC and Tim Tones put on a show this past Thanksgiving Eve titled the 'Turntable Throwback', at Spike's of all places, and it went off like a bomb.

They are returning to Spike's this coming Tuesday night for another night of musical mayhem.

These DJs play tunes from all over the musical map in case you're wondering. This isn't a drum and bass party, it's not a rave and it's not a hip-hop show. It's a pop amalgamation of everything you love, crammed into a tiny space and projected through some sick subs, compliments of Wi Sound.

Tim Tones, EWUN, Code-D and DJ Banshee take the floor Tuesday night, December 23rd at Spike's on Monroe Ave.

Check the flier for more details or go to RIPROC online.

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The ACT:LIVE Interview With


video: mike dispenza
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Last Wednesday, I found the opportunity of a lifetime to interview not only one of the world's most renowned and sought after DJs, but a guy I have also been a great fan of for several years.

With the help of Mike Dispenza and Blue Monk Films, I sat down with him for a candid interview at The Ugly Sweater Party.

Sit back and enjoy this one. It looks like a million bucks. Cheers Mike.

That was a thrill. Big ups to Kill The Noise, Pat Gaffney, Mike Dispenza, Lucky Strike, RIPROC and DJ Klever.

Peace kids...

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Channel 13 Throwback!

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I was born in 1978 and had no idea this was going on around me in Rochester...do you think this gave way for inspiration for a certain 'Ron Burgundy' tale?

This ad is ridiculous. Cheers WHAM 13.

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"...fuck the mall."

Dorje Adornments

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foto: al fox

"You get what you give", reads the sticker on the scanner at Dorje Adornments, Nick Giordano and Bonnie Harter's body and fashion baby.

I think there is no slogan that suits the shop and it's attitude better.

Long time DJ and pierce-ologist, Nick Giordano has been helping to make the world a 'prettier place' since the late nineties and has taken his expertise and fashion taste to new heights with his space below Love Hate Tattoo.

To those that don't know, Dorje Adornments has been open for close to three years below Love Hate Tattoo on Alexander Street in downtown Rochester.

It's a great place to relax, learn about the culture of piercing in fashion and get back with some Erykah Badu.

I spent some time with Nick Giordano this week to find out a little more about this DJ/Owner and what really makes the business tick...

ACT:LIVE: Give us a brief history on the shop and yourself, Nick.

Well, I started out at another shop as an assistant manager, and then moved on to another shop as a piercer. I went through the whole piercing thing and doing it other people’s way, but other people weren’t doing what I really wanted to do.

They weren’t carrying the jewelry I wanted or taking piercing to the level I thought it should be at.

ACT:LIVE: What are your thoughts on what it should be like?

I thought it should be a more fashionable thing. It should be more than just going to the mall and buying plastic plugs that a million other people have.

It should be more about really beautiful jewelry and a great place to put it on yourself.

That’s how Dorje (Adornments) was born.

ACT:LIVE: How did you select the location for the shop? Did it just make sense to open up below Love Hate Tattoo?

Jett (owner, Love Hate Tattoo), called me one day and said that the record store was moving out downstairs and he wanted to offer the space to me because he thought I should open a piercing shop in it.

Sure enough everything fell into place and I got all the money needed to open it…that’s kind of how it started.

There is a lot of crap (jewelry) in this city…and people are charging a lot of money for it.

I would rather sell beautiful jewelry at a lower profit margin.

My biggest motivation behind opening was offering fabulous jewelry.

I know that not all of Rochester has seen all the jewelry I have, but I know when they see it, they will love it.

ACT:LIVE: What kind of jewelry do you offer?

We have stone, we have hand-carved wood designs and a lot more, but the most important thing to us is that they are all fair-traded and organic.

The idea of selling only fair traded jewelry is the belief that me and Bonnie (Harter, the not-so-silent partner and good friend of Nick) founded Dorje on.

We have expanded too. We just got a brand new line of 14k gold and leather in. We’re trying to show Rochester that the art is far deeper than just a few beads on your face.

You can come here and support fair trade and not buy cheap plastic plugs and cheap metals made in sweat shops for the masses.

ACT:LIVE: Where did the name ‘Dorje’ come from?

It’s a loose translation of the Tibetan word for indestructible. It can also be interpreted as an ‘indestructible or unshakeable foundation built on truth’.

I thought it was the perfect (name) for the shop…it’s timeless.

ACT:LIVE: How long have you been open?

Two and a half years. April will be our three year anniversary.

ACT:LIVE: Have you ever advertised much?

We never really advertised, word of mouth and keeping clients has been our biggest asset…the business just kind of formed from that.

We have a really tight knit group of friends and clients in this city that know when they come here they will get treated like family and will get beautiful, ethical products.

I love being apart of people’s lives and make people happy on a daily basis.

We also refer all of our clients to area merchants when they are from out of town or just don’t know where to go.

We will always refer to friends to places like World Hair, to get their hair done, or Thread or G Inc. to get some of the craziest clothes in Rochester.

Why go to the mall? Fuck the mall. You look a lot better when you don’t shop at the mall anyways.

ACT:LIVE: Well said.

That’s the way we think here.

That’s what really great about ACT:LIVE, too. You are supporting local talent and directing people to what is going on in Rochester.

Why not have people looking better and doing cooler things. We help to make the world a prettier place because, trust me, there are a lot of busted looking people running around out there.

ACT:LIVE: So what’s new with your personally? You have been DJ Nikl for years now and have a new mix, right?

I had a residency at Tilt for a long time and have a new mix out, yes. I’m spinning some records at 289 (289 E. Alexander), this Wednesday, with Jonny (Herbert).

ACT:LIVE: Any parting words?

I can’t express enough how important supporting local business is to me. We support it all the way and say fuck the mall.

There are so many creative businesses like Thread where you can get stylish clothing, G Inc. where you can get crazy designs, Victor (Gomez, owner G Inc.) is such a sweetheart.

Or, Godiva’s if you want some vintage, it’s all here. So…please support your local businesses.

Dorje Adornments carries these fine products:

Evolve - Stone PlugsHERE

Tawapa - Fair traded, hand carved organic designs in bloodwood, ebony, sabowood and buffalo horn. As well as Hill Tribe Silver, and eyelets in .925 Sterling Silver and 18k goldHERE

Maya Organics - Bloodwood, manzinita burlwood, areng wood, and granidillo plugsHERE

Heart on Sleeve - Locally made hardwood plugsHERE

Gorilla glass plugs - Soda lime, borosilicate and diachronic glass plugsHERE

Body Vision Los Angeles - 14k white and yellow gold jewelry with real gems (we are the only store in Rochester to carry their line, worn by Kimora Lee Simmons and Jenna Jameson)HERE

Industrial Strength - Stainless steel and titanium internally threaded body jewelryHERE

The Wildcard Collection - High fashion leather holster bags and beltsHERE

Once again, they are right below Love Hate Tattoo at 217 1/2 Alexander St. Rochester, NY and also online HERE

See you round kids...

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Lucky Strike, RipRoc & ACT:LIVE present...


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Last Wednesday night the Lucky Strike Crew (Nickl Bag Of Funk, Handlebar & Flipsicle, RipRoc & ACT:LIVE), brought you the Ugly Sweater Party at Montage Music Hall.

The event was highlighted by the appearance of world-renowned DJ and producer, DJ Klever.

The downstairs looked great and everyone seemed to have a fun time with the sweater theme. If you look at some of the pictures, this party looked straight out of the Cosby Show. HA!

The upstairs, ACT:LIVE room was a lot of fun and I sincerely thank Downer, Cash, Crook, Murdock, Scatter, Toastmaster, Justin, Wi Sound, L.E.S.H., A-Ko, Audiowright, Reece Q, SMD, Ric Rude, Moon, Tim Tones, Nicholas G. Baish (Visualization), Ted from SubSoil, Grizzly and Hoogs for a good show up there. Big props to Elliot Kirby at Ekonomix Clothing.

Besides the pictures we have, and the ones yet to come in, ACT:LIVE with the help of Blue Monk Films, has recorded a timeless video interview with DJ Klever that will be released this coming week online, everywhere.

The interview looks like 10 million dollars and I would like to sincerely thank Mike Dispenza and his partner for an incredible job. It looks so amazing.

Look forward to that and more pictures elsewhere online.

Peace kids...

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REECE Q Video Premier Info

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There is more info coming soon, but what you need to know now is that ACT:LIVE is premiering Reece Q's video 'Promotional Use Only', along with The Soul Slingers 'Native of the City' January 10th at ONE Nightclub.

Tix are $5 presale and are available at these fine locations in Rochester....

Krud Co.

Dorje Adornments

Love Hate Tattoo

World Hair

Record Archive

Lakeshore Records


& all performers

It will be an evening to showcase the incredible talent of music video director Mike Dispenza and tow of the hottest hip-hop acts in Rochester, NY.

More info coming soon folks...plenty more.

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