Beats 4 Boards
January 30th @ The Bug Jar

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I used to skate, back in the day before I broke my shoulder and dislocated it another twenty times the same way.

I used to skate with The Webster Heads, a steady and wild crew that also used to spend a lot of time with Aaron Costa of Krud Co.

I've watched skateboarding progress over the past few years and one thing I've noticed is that hip-hop has made an enormous impact on skateboarding, skateboarding videos and skateboard fashion.

Brands like DC and Zoo York are now found in almost every urban apparel store you can fund in every major city, the videos are host to more and more abstract hip-hop artists and even the mainstream rappers has found their way under the umbrellas of skate videos, too.

Rochester is no exception when it comes to the hybrid blending of hip-hop and the skateboarding culture, so, tomorrow night, local hip-hop icon Tim Tones is throwing a benefit party for the Rochester City Skate Park Fund thoughtfully titled, "Beats 4 Boards".

DJ Tim Tones

This is the second installment of however many it takes to raise the cash for the park.

The goal is to raise $500,000 to begin construction. The park's proposed site is underneath the east side of the Anthony/Douglass Memorial Bridge.
pictured below


The park would be a tremendous edition to downtown and would help greatly to give the youth a spot to skate, outdoors, with no risk of negative interactions with police or property owners.

If you want to know more about the park and the ideas of Krud Co. and the city planning board, go to, or check into the ACT:LIVE archives and read the interview with owner, Aaron Costa and partner Alan Presutti.

The event tomorrow will be a collaboration of many local hip-hop acts, but the focus seems to be on Emilio Rojas' new video for "585".

The video will be premiered after a year-long wait. The video was filmed last winter at Manhattan Square Park in the paradisaical, downtown Rochester. I suppose he waited because it's a winter themed video and it wouldn't make much sense to feature it during the summer, huh?

It all goes down tomorrow night at The Bug Jar. Bring your wallets.

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