ACT:LIVE Welcomes Sir Andrew Lipovsky: Rock & Art Contributor

foto: Andrew Lipovsky
werd: james niche

After weeks of waiting and anticipation, ACT:LIVE would like to introduce Andrew Lipovsky to the team.

Andrew is a hella talented photographer attending R.I.T, and hails from Bloomfield, NY.

He is currently living in the Rochester area and will be covering a good portion of the rock and metal events in the city, as well as some other various visual arts based events.

The boy's got some sick photos and design work, so be sure to say hello and check out his work by clicking on his name at the header. He is also linked to the side column.

Coming up with this week and next week:

We sit down with The Boy And His Machine, a local rock group with a sense of humor and they're making some serious moves. I'll be checking out their show at The Montage and find out what makes the machine work.

For those of you that were there and remember, Terry Mullen was in town this past winter at High Fidelity and I was handed the pics that no one got to see. Better late than never, you crazy house music heads!!

I also will be taking a listen to local hip-hop artist E. Moore's newest effort, "The Symphony". The ACT:LIVE review.

Local hip-hop entrepreneur and globe trotter, Nikal Fieldz, he'll be in the building to talk with us about a world of topics. This is just in time for the voting to begin for Nikal Fieldz and his single "Be a Racist". That track has been nominated for a UMA award. Always grindin' and excitable, Nikal Fieldz on ACT:LIVE next week.

Till next time kiddies...

- Games

Right now we're listening to:

CKY "Familiar Realm" ("An Answer Can Be Found", 2005, Island/Def Jam)


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