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Hello folks.

We apologize for the lack in content this week. We expected to have a bunch of photos up from the Jazz Fest, as well as a few reviews from the Jazz Fest, but it seems that someone has stolen our newest writers laptop and blackberry.

Kim Hunter has had her hardware stolen from her place of work and if anyone out there knows anything or even cares, make sure you hit us up. It's a huge blow to Kim and to ACT:LIVE.

If you know anything, anything at all, please drop us a line. The email address is located on the right hand side of where you're reading this.

Coming up later this week, I sit down with Joey Arena and the band, The Boy And His Machine. They are a pop rock band with Rochester and Buffalo as their home base. They are playing this Friday at The Montage, off Chestnut St. downtown.

That interview will be up, amongst other things to check out this week and next week.

I also get on the phone with DJ HeavyGrinder, a house/hip-hop talent out of Los Angeles. She is coming July 12th to perform at Pearl Nightclub. She filled me in with some info about where she's been, where's she's going and what to expect. She was a real pleasure to speak with, so I hope you all enjoy.

In the meantime, here's a fun video from the guys in The Boy And His Machine.

"The Walls Of Regret"

Peace kiddies.

- Games

Right now we're listening to:

Prozack Turner of Foreign Legion: Oakland/LA, Look Records

These guys kill it and ACT:LIVE just might be bringing them here for you to get down to. Keep your ears and eyes posted.

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