foto: fox_photography
werd: james niche

Al Fox, my extraordinary photographer, came in on an even keel of about 50% disgusting this evening. With a potential of 100%. Everybody, let's at least give kudos for trying extra hard tonight. Better luck next time Al. We all hope for the best.

Tune in next time to see what Al is up to next.

COMING UP! We have a few stories from the sea of "OPEN MIC MADNESS!!".

An interview with Brian Rath and Dave Barron tell fill you in on the scene, as well as a few words from James Rowe, proprietor of the House of Hamez. We stop down and talk to Dan Deutsche, proprietor of Abilene on Liberty Pole Way. Cheers!

Also, pictures and reviews!!

Hint to the future....ASCAP in our clubs?? Let's explore this. Till then, Peace! - Games, ACT:LIVE

Right now we're listening to:

Soul Coughing "St. Louise is listening" ("El Oso", 1998 London Records)

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