Bachelors of Science: A [de]Blase and St8Cyde Jump Up Presentation - The Pics

foto: al fox
werd: james niche

Hello, hello, hello. Got your pics hyuh!

Last Friday, Bachelors of Science - well, BACHELOR of Science Chris Doe, made it down to TILT for a drum and bass extravaganza and put some heads to rest on what this duo is all about.

I am only really familiar with the groups single, "Song For Lovers", but Chris Doe was as cool as a cucumber and seemed to dig what was going on.

I'm sure these venues pale in comparison to a lot of the clubs he may frequent on the west coast, especially Seattle, but he mentioned he really dug the intimacy and energy of the local crews.

Local DJs, DJ J-Red, Hoogs and Tweek Nasty, were my favorites for sure. Those guys kill every time in the booth and have a raw power in that only few people can pull off.

Kudos to Frank DeBlase for stopping down and giving the event some local coverage. Kudos to Tom DeBlase for a smooth evening and great act to have brought in.

I'm going to once again let the pictures do the talking and let you check out the evening for yourself.

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The Reece Q(uotable) QUOTE TO SELF CD release and Ben Steele Birthday Bash!

ACT:LIVE presents:

Reece Q - Rochester Hip-Hop Extraordinaire
Backed by DJ Nugz and Sam.I.Am.

Ajent O - Buffalo Hip-Hop Representative

Soul Slingers - Rochester Hip-Hop Tim-Tones & RICRUDE

PyInfamous w/ Sam.I.Am. - Mississippi Hip-Hop (EBB & FLOW)

WOODY - Rochester Hip-Hop GOONIES Representative

A Special Turntable Lesson from Mr. Mumblz Hip-Hop Ninja

Also featuring:
Reece Q album art raffle (5'x3' Q graffiti painting)

Photography by FOX Photography

Street Art by Downer

It all goes down this coming August 23rd at Dub Land Underground 10pm.
18+ $5/$7

Coming up I have the Dead Catholics Interview, The Soul Slingers CD Review and a special review of Foreign Legion's "Secret Knock" EP, all the way live from the west coast, ninja!

Peep back in a couple days my people, it's all coming very soon.

Peace kiddies...

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