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I only wish I had brought a photographer to TILT last Friday.

The RAVE :CULTURE party was off the hook.

I made it down later in the evening and didn't get a chance to catch every act, but every act I heard on the patio was on fire. The beats were nuts and the crowd was a constant neon glow in true rave fashion.

Some of the outfits and accessories I saw on the stage and throughout the crowd were out of this world.

I have to say thank you so much to L.E.S.H. and AKO for getting me in and putting on a great party. I know many people worked hard to coordinate the talent and promote, so big ups to you guys too.

I know raves are nothing new but it's nice to see all the elements on a little more intimate venue like TILT.

I have never been a huge 'raver', if you will, but living out in Springfield, MO, I would often spend weekends bouncing between St. Louis and Kansas City for some of the biggest parties I have ever seen and the vibe of the event Friday took me right back there.

I tied one on pretty strong that night, but I do distinctly remember AKO's hip-hop and electro pop madness and loved it. That kids got some real style and presence, still young in the game he has a hopeful party future.

I also remember that HOOGS has begun planning the next G.I. Jungle party. I'll be getting up with him soon to talk about part deux and what insanity he has planned.

Once again, I deeply regret not having a photographer down there with me at the party, but if you weren't there I'll leave it up to your imagination. Go wild because the party definitely was.

Till next time kids...peace.

- Games

Right now we're listening to:

Ghostface Killah/Mark Ronson "Ooh Wee" ("Here Comes The Fuzz", 2003, Elektra Records)

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