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If you have been paying attention, and by the looks of our site tracker a lot of you have been, you may have noticed that we have been presenting the website in the fashion of a small magazine for the past two months.

We really liked the idea of being able to have a "cover", if you will, to feature local artists and businesses alike.

This has been a great success thus far and has garnished not only more readers, but now we are getting emails from people asking when they can be on the cover! That's awesome, and I am so glad that you all are reading and appreciating the hard work we put into giving locals some good face time.

That being said, we are turning this project into a print form. Something like a multi-page fold out pamphlet for you to put in your pocket, leave on the toilet or stick on the fridge. You can even use it as a great place to break up your green on.

We will feature all the similar content that we have been producing, but also, local clubs and venues will be advertising to get the word out on upcoming events.

It will be an opportunity to find in-depth information on upcoming events and so on.

This is for all you city residents that may want more information, but also to all the college students that really want to be involved with music and art events in the city, but being stuck at your campus you may not be exposed to these things.

Here's a place for you then.

ACT:LIVE will also be directing people to the website for music and video that you wouldn't be able to find in the publication.

We will be writing about hip-hop, rock, dance, painters, authors, filmmakers and all artists alike.

In summary, we thank you so much for your support in this endeavor and we hope to see more support as we build this publication and way of thinking.

We are swimming in resources in this town, get out there and start making things happen!

Till next issue...peace.

- Games

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