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CLICK HERE TO RSVP and be entered to win one of many Kill The Noise, Ludachrist, and RIPROC T-Shirts, among other giveaways for those that RSVP on both MySpace & Facebook.

REST IN PEACE ROCHESTER & THREAD present the follow-up to 2007's Rochester Insider Party Of The Year... An event featuring a LIVE BAND, DJs, MCs, ARTISTS, & FASHION from acclaimed national and local talent.

Join us @ Pearl Nightclub, as we fill both rooms of 349 East Avenue, Rochester, NY on Thursday, October 30th for what promises to exceed last year's party of the fuckin' year.

Here are some pics and video from last year's event:

Get In Costume!
There will be a sick costume prize awarded to the best in show for one guy and one girl, with the winners being decided by crowd response just before Dieselboy's set!

Doors Open @ 7:00!
Continuing on in RIPROC's year-long tradition of infusing artistic expression to every experience, the doors will open early in the evening for an intimate, ambitiously extensive art gallery showing and fashion catalogue featuring traditional canvas and assorted fine art works from some of the region's most creative individuals. Also scheduled to appear will be a showing of both custom and modern productions of fashion attire for an immensely stylized evening of unforgettable imagery.

We proudly present the return of...

Dieselboy - (Brooklyn)
Human Imprint

" of the founding fathers of stateside drum & bass.

No bio or hype needed. You all know who he is and also the calibre of damage he does on the decks and in the game in general on a daily international basis.
In celebration of the Substance D CD release, Dieselboy will make a very special holiday appearance as part of the Monsters Of Jungle Tour.

It is with great pride that we will also feature Rochester DJing icons...

Ewun - (Rochester) .
Annalyze - (Chicago)

Human, Evol Intent, Lifted .
Females Wit Funk

Alongside local and regional talent...

McNasty - (716)
Bottom-End, ILL - Breaks

Kribs - (585)
Chroma, Croquet - Electro

Hoogs - (585)
St8cyde Jump Up - Jump Up

Basha - (716)
Frosty Tone - Dubstep

Rehab - (585)
Rehab Record Party - Indie

Filthy Funk & Hassaan Mackey - (585)
Filthy Funk / Rawkus Records - Jazz Funk, Hip Hop

SuSpence & Loki - (585 / 716)
RIPROC, Frosty Tone / InTimeFunk - D&B

Grizzly - (585)

Hambone - (315)
2kDeep, Get Bent - D&B

The Soul Slingers - (585)
Hip Hop, Old Skool

Percussion & Awake - (585)
Dubland / Skyehigh - Reggae

Audiowright - (585)
Shift - Dubstep

Chuck Miller - (585)
WITR, Headspace

& Access To Arasaka - (585)
Suga-Hi Gang, :Culture / Tympanik - Drum & Bass - Reggae

Handlebar & Flipsicle - (585)
WRUR - Electro

And featuring MCs...

Nikal Fieldz - (585)
Eyeconz Entertainment

Jah Creation - (716)
Frosty Tone

Murdok MC - (585)
St8cyde Jump Up

Fresh - (585)

Scatter MC - (585)
St8cyde Jump Up

MdotCoop - (585)

Featuring a FULL PHOTO STUDIO for Halloween portraiture...

Hanlon Photographic - (585)

With visual stimulation provided by...

Deliria - (585)

With an extensive fine art showing from 7-10pm showcasing the works of...

Rheytchul .
chicken bone.
Beth Sumner (otakulab) .
Crook .
[CLOWNER!oner] .
Shawn Conn .
Dan Resch .
David Yager .
Eric Osborne .
Kevin Giaquinto .
Pete Lazarski .
Natalie Sperling

And also featuring a select fashion gallery catalogue from the following elements in design...

Thread .
Kill The Noise .
Eva Xie .
Tea Stain .
Trudymade .
Miss Wax .
Tom DeBlase .
Kevin John Gomez .
Hell On Earth


LIMITED Presale Tickets Are Available.

Currently, tickets are available for the ridiculously low price of $10.00. This price will definitely increase in the days leading up to the event. Once a certain number of tickets have been sold, ticket prices will be raised to $15.00. Once another benchmark of tickets have been achieved, the price point will then be raised to $20.00. Ticket prices may reach $25.00 by the day of the event if any remain. Entry at the door will be at least $25.00.

The last two RIPROC parties at Pearl have reached maximum capacity to where people had to be turned away. This event is significantly larger in scope than the last two sellout events. It is highly probable that this event will entirely sell out before the day of the event. Entry at the door is a dicey proposition, at best.

Please acquire your presale ticket now for the very low cost of $10.00. Prices will be raised, tickets will become scarce. True story.

Tickets are available for a limited time from these exquisite establishments...

Skyehigh (610 Monroe Avenue - Rochester)
Thread (654 South Avenue - Rochester)
Pearl (349 East Avenue - Rochester)
The Ultimate Tattoo & Body Piercing (2933 West Henrietta Road - Henrietta)
Krudco (83 Howell Street - Rochester)
Godiva's (653 South Avenue - Rochester)

Tickets are also available from almost everyone involved in the show.

Graciously sponsored by...

CLICK HERE TO RSVP and be entered to win one of many Kill The Noise, Ludachrist, and RIPROC T-Shirts, among other giveaways for those that RSVP on both MySpace & Facebook.

Drink Specials:
7-11 pm - $2.
00 Bushwhack! Shots

7-11 pm - $2.
00 Well Drinks

7-11 pm - $2.00 Bottles...

This is going down on:
Thursday, October 30th, 2008
Doors open @ 7:00 PM

This event will be open to:
Anyone over the age of 21 with proper identification...

This will take place inside the luxurious venue of:
Pearl Nightclub
349 East Avenue
Rochester, NY

Pics and video from the last RIPROC show at Pearl:

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