Reece Q Video Shoot & Upcoming ACT:LIVE Event

werd: james niche

Recently, the ACT:LIVE name has been making strides towards public awareness.

The steps we've taken have generated many, many hits, which is prompting us to move it to print within the next few months. This is a good thing.

We have also shot our first video for Reece Q. 'Promotional Use Only', is the single.

Thank you to Danny 'Knuckles' Sullivan, for being so patient and letting us destroy his house for the evening. He was a great sport, and Dick Storms from Record Archive put on a great performance as well.

Mike Dispenza and his film crew did a a top notch job on the video and it looks like a million bucks. His crew was sweating like pigs and they moved like pros.

I can't thank them enough.

The crowd, well, what can we say...thank you so much. You guys were so patient and really did your best to follow direction. Everyone was just really cool and we had a great time.

Cheers to you all.

The video will be released this coming January on a new single with new artwork. The artwork from above.

You can get this online and in select record stores in Rochester, New York and San Francisco.

Coming up in the next few weeks in the next big ACT:LIVE event.

Peep this folks

This event is going to be the best hip-hop show of the year in Rochester. It's even going to beat the Reece Q CD release show.

We have 100 hi-qual trucker hats for the first 100 people and we have three graffiti artists that will be custom painting the hats for everyone. Free!!

Nicholas Baish will be projecting fourteen foot images across the stage and during the entire show! It's going to be sick video madness.

Don't forget, Ekonomix Clothing will be setting up and giving away a couple pieces of gear during the Reece Q set.

It's only $5 people! Other shows are raping you for nothing, get involved at ACT:LIVE and get more!


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Right now we're listening to:

HRVI WHO "Critical Funk" ("People, Places, Things", 2009, ACT:LIVE MUSIC)

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