Tickets will be more at the door!

CLICK HERE TO RSVP and be entered to win one of many Kill The Noise, Ludachrist, and RIPROC T-Shirts, among other giveaways for those that RSVP on both MySpace & Facebook.

REST IN PEACE ROCHESTER, LUCKY STRIKE, & ACT:LIVE present an event featuring a LIVE BAND, DJs, MCs, ARTISTS, & FASHION from acclaimed international and local talent.

Join us @ Montage Music Hall, as we fill both rooms of 50 Chestnut Street, Rochester, NY on Wednesday, December 10th, 2008!

Wear your UGLIEST sweater!
Everyone has at least one in their closet. You know what we're talking about.
Break out that holiday sweater that your grandma gave you, or better yet, rock one of your dad's Cosby sweaters! Don't have one? Head down to Goodwill this weekend! It's always been a lot more fun when everyone follows the theme as most of you have done at the past events!

Doors Open @ 9:00!

We proudly present...

KLEVER - (Atlanta, GA)

Titles & Awards:
1999 Guitar Center South Eastern Regional 1st place Champion
1999 Kool Mixx Atlanta 1st place Champion
2000 Atlanta DMC Regional 1st place Champion
2000 USA DMC 1st place Champion
2001 USA DMC 1st place Champion
2001 DMC World Champion 2nd place Runner up
2001 ITF USA 1st place Champion (Advanced Categories)
2001 Atlanta Kool Mixx 1st place Champion
2002 USA Kool Mixx 1st place Champion
2003 Atlanta Nike Battle Ground 1st place Champion
2003 Rough Raleigh DJ Battle 1st place Champion
2004 Breaklanta 1st place Champion

"Klever is one of the few and best DJs who can balance technical skill and party rocking. His style is energetic and air-tight.
- DJ A-Trak

" of the illest DJs on the cut, Klever continues to break barriers with his signature style..."
- Tablist Magazine

There are few DJs that can boast to be the world's best. One such DJ known as KLEVER hails from Atlanta. With titles like 2000 & 2001 USA DMC Champion, he has been described by A-Trak to be "one of the few who can balance technical skill and party rocking", and is labelled one of the best DJs on the planet by DJ Craze. Klever has also proven the ability to adapt. He pushes the bleeding edge of dance music by combining electro house, baltimore club, indie dance, hip-hop, disco, and just about any other style of modern dance music into his sets. Klever has played almost every infamous club or dance party across the globe from Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and beyond. It's truly an honor to have him here in Rochester, and promises to be something not to be missed by anyone!.

It is with great pride that we will also feature local and regional talent...

Kill The Noise - (585)
Slow Roast, Lucky Strike, RIPROC - Electro

Handlebar & Flipsicle - (585)
WRUR - Electro

Nickel Bag Of Funk - (585)

Routine - (585)

do5e - (585)
AKA Tim Tones, Games, Nugz, Woody, and featuring Reece Q & Ric Rude
Act:Live - Funk

Hoogs & Murdok MC - (585)
St8cyde Jump Up - Jump Up

Grizzly - (585)

Wi - (585)
Wi Sound, Jungle Bums - Dubstep

Audiowright - (585)
Shift - Dubstep

& A-KO - (585)
Suga-Hi Gang, :Culture - Anything goes!

Scatter MC - (585)
St8cyde Jump Up

HRVI Who - (585)
ROC DNB, Act:Live

Featuring the photography and videography of...

Hanlon Photographic - (585)

Ysa Per├ęz - (585)

djb - (585)

Graf On Wax!
Crook (FUA), Downer, & Cash will be taking your requests and painting LIVE on vinyl records and giving them to YOU for free ('tis the season for tipping!).

+ =

$5 tickets.

LIMITED Presale Tickets Are Available.

Currently, tickets are available for the ridiculously low price of $5.00. This price will be more at the door, so get your ticket today from any of our outlets, or artists/performers on the line-up!.

Tickets are available for a limited time from these exquisite establishments...

Skyehigh (610 Monroe Avenue - Rochester)
Thread (654 South Avenue - Rochester)
The Ultimate Tattoo & Body Piercing (2933 West Henrietta Road - Henrietta)
Krudco (83 Howell Street - Rochester) (653 South Avenue - Rochester)

Tickets are also available from almost everyone involved in the show.

Graciously sponsored by...

CLICK HERE TO RSVP and be entered to win one of many Kill The Noise, Ludachrist, and RIPROC T-Shirts, among other giveaways for those that RSVP on both MySpace & Facebook.

Drink Specials:
9-10 pm - $2.
00 Drafts

This is going down on:
Wednesday, December 10th 2008
Doors open @ 9:00 PM

This event will be open to:
Anyone over the age of 18+ with proper identification...

This will take place inside the luxurious venue of:
Montage Music Hall (AKA Montage Grille)
50 Chestnut Street
Rochester, NY 14604

The main entrance is on Lawn Street, located right across from the Cadillac Hotel on Chestnut.

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