RIPROC's Monster Mash-Up
Re-Cap And Photos

foto: al fox
werd: james niche

The party of the year has came and went.

It was another action packed night of visual art, hip-hop, drum and bass and funk that left you feeling like a sardine. (joke)

It was packed though.

Cheers to DJ EWUN and DJ Banshee for putting together another successful evening for Rochester.

As DJ Banshee puts it, this was his 'love letter to Rochester'. I definitely fell for it.

If you would like to know more about RIPROC and the thinsg they do, or would like more information about the artists involved, be sure to look in our archive for the end of last month. There is an article that explains it all there.

For now, enjoy the pics. Peace kids....

- Games

Right now we're listening to:

Blu "J & J" ("Johnson & Jonson", 2008, Indie)

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