Lucky Strike, RipRoc & ACT:LIVE present...


werd: james niche
foto: al fox

Last Wednesday night the Lucky Strike Crew (Nickl Bag Of Funk, Handlebar & Flipsicle, RipRoc & ACT:LIVE), brought you the Ugly Sweater Party at Montage Music Hall.

The event was highlighted by the appearance of world-renowned DJ and producer, DJ Klever.

The downstairs looked great and everyone seemed to have a fun time with the sweater theme. If you look at some of the pictures, this party looked straight out of the Cosby Show. HA!

The upstairs, ACT:LIVE room was a lot of fun and I sincerely thank Downer, Cash, Crook, Murdock, Scatter, Toastmaster, Justin, Wi Sound, L.E.S.H., A-Ko, Audiowright, Reece Q, SMD, Ric Rude, Moon, Tim Tones, Nicholas G. Baish (Visualization), Ted from SubSoil, Grizzly and Hoogs for a good show up there. Big props to Elliot Kirby at Ekonomix Clothing.

Besides the pictures we have, and the ones yet to come in, ACT:LIVE with the help of Blue Monk Films, has recorded a timeless video interview with DJ Klever that will be released this coming week online, everywhere.

The interview looks like 10 million dollars and I would like to sincerely thank Mike Dispenza and his partner for an incredible job. It looks so amazing.

Look forward to that and more pictures elsewhere online.

Peace kids...

- Games

Right now we're listening to:

Snoop Dogg "For All my N***** & Bitches" ("DoggyStyle", 1993, Bad Boy Records)

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