RIPROC & Turntable Throwdown Presents...
The Turntable Throwback

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Every promoter knows that the best nights of the year to be out with friends is right before the holidays, be it Thanksgiving or Christmas, everyone wants to go out and see their friends and get wasted before they return to their families the next day.

The boys at RIPROC and Tim Tones put on a show this past Thanksgiving Eve titled the 'Turntable Throwback', at Spike's of all places, and it went off like a bomb.

They are returning to Spike's this coming Tuesday night for another night of musical mayhem.

These DJs play tunes from all over the musical map in case you're wondering. This isn't a drum and bass party, it's not a rave and it's not a hip-hop show. It's a pop amalgamation of everything you love, crammed into a tiny space and projected through some sick subs, compliments of Wi Sound.

Tim Tones, EWUN, Code-D and DJ Banshee take the floor Tuesday night, December 23rd at Spike's on Monroe Ave.

Check the flier for more details or go to RIPROC online.

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