"Indy Dude Of The Year"

James Niche

werd: james niche

In-dy [in-dee]

1. Indianapolis, Ind.
2. the Indianapolis 500
3. of or pertaining to the Indianapolis 500
4. A person who performs an act that makes them seem 'whipped' to their significant other
5. Short for Indiana Jones, played by Harrison Ford

Dude [dood,dyood]

1. A man excessively concerned with his clothes, grooming and manners
2. Slang. fellow, chap
3. A person reared in a large city
4. An urban easterner who vacations on a ranch

I want to sincerely thank the Rochester Insider for thinking of ACT:LIVE and finally paying a bit more attention to the local scene within the past few months.

There are a couple people over at Insider that I really like and would like to give a shout out to...

Rich Paprocki - photography
Emily Shearing - writer

These guys have been helping out a lot and have a great attitude. So, cheers guys.

The title is a bit vague and almost funny, but I'm flattered.

Thanks really goes to all of you who have been attending events and having a good time. The people are really what keep us going.

Cheers, Rochester.

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