Coach Build Parsells
"Here I Go Again"

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Yesterday, January 3rd, I had the privilege of working on local hip-hop icon and artist, Coach Build Parsells', video shoot for his single "Here I go Again".

We spent the day bouncing around locations like his recording studio, a bodega on Parsells Ave. and underneath the Hope bridge downtown.

Working on this shoot was a lot of fun and I learned a lot about Coach P and his crew. Being the person I am, I find it interesting to see the many sides of the people and artists I work with in this city.

Rochester is not Hollywood, there is no Hollywood money, there are no Hollywood crews. But for what we don't have financially in this town amongst artist, we make up in heart and hunger.

We do the best with what we have in this town and community is all we have. The relationships I have gained through doing what I do and being involved with others is more rewarding than any dollar amount you could put in my hand. I love my city, I love the people working hard here and I wish the best to every artist here who are really doing their thing.

Don't ever let someone tell you you can't do something you want to.

Don't ever let any one in the industry of entertainment tell you who you are and how your art should be created. Don't ever bow down for dollars. Do the best you can and believe in what you do to the fullest. Sometimes you have to be your biggest fan. The results have been proven through the hard work of many area artists who have grown over the years and are progressing through sacrifice.

It takes a lot of volunteer work and selflessness on all parties involved in any production.

Coach P and his daughter, Snacks, Destroy, Kill, Scrag and all the other artists were a pleasure to work with at the shoot yesterday and when this video comes through, the hard work and hunger will come through with a million dollar looking video.

(coincidentally, Coach just called me as I am writing this...ha)

As for Coach, he has a number of projects in the works including videos, music and a feature to come onto ACT:LIVE tentatively called "Coach's Corner".

He has a daughter, bills to pay and works hard to get it all done along side producing some of the best tracks to come out of Rochester.

He has a new studio space above the Eyeconz Entertainment studios on Central Ave. We can expect a lot more from him coming within the next year. And, speaking of Eyeconz, I have to say a few things...

Those guys work. Period. Now, I know there are a lot of producers in this city who do their thing (I work for some of them, so no disrespect), but these guys are in the studio every morning with coffee in hand and ready to work. These guys aren't out blowing money at the bar and clothes, they invest everything they have into what they do.

For wherever it takes them, I wish them all the best and I look forward to working with them in the future.

Cheers to Coach P, Destroy, Snacks, Nikal Fieldz and God Money Music.

Keep your eyes and ears open for Coach's video "Here I go Again", available on Vimeo and YouTube soon.

- Games

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