The American Dream Team
Panty Raidin'
Wednesday Feb. 18th @ Dub Land

werd: james niche

So, the flier offended a few people. Awesome.

You can thank my cousin, Scott Terry, for the killer idea and Bailey Burritt for the sweet design. Ladies, please don't get it twisted, it's a celebration of panties. And, if you arrive at the door with a pair, you get a dollar off as well as the respect of young Scott Terry will be hosting the evening to also celebrate his birth.


It's a celebration
of panties


The American Dream Team will be headlining their first ever appearance in Rochester as the Electro duo formed by local DJ legend, Code-D and his fearless visual assailant, Dan Savage. Dan constructed the visual performance for the Kanye West "Glow in the Dark" Tour and has worked for other companies including Comedy Central.

The American Dream Team is doing the dance and production world a huge favor by bringing something fresh sonically and vivid, visually.

Code-D produced the "Money, Bitches, Cars, Clothes & Weed" anthem heard round the globe this past year.

They are an intelligent answer to the dry over saturated world of shitty electro DJs.

For those of you who like the t-shirts on their website, the " Money, Bitches, Cars, Clothes & Weed" t-shirt specifically, you will be able to find them this week at Thread Clothing on South Ave.

Wednesday will be opened up by performances by Dub Land's residents The Surgeon General Trio. (Reece Q, Miguel Urbina, Jon Woodring)

Following them will be DJs Tim Tones, Audiowright & Nickel Bag Of Funk.

Check out some of the videos from The American Dream Team.

See you Wednesday at Dub Land Underground.


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