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"Soul Of The City"
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Bread needs butter.

Day needs night.

Build needs Destroy.

"Gettin' love everywhere that we go"... - "Do it Big" ft. Jah Breez

"Soul of the City", the latest CD from Destroy the GM, is the counterpart sampler to Tha Coach's "The Demonstration" disc released on Go Gettaz Union/God Money Music.

It features eleven fiery tracks, including appearances by Tha Coach, Jah Breez, Nikal Fieldz and the Go Gettaz Union.

My man Destroy has quite a diverse discography at the moment but this is definitely a disc that displays his talent as business man and a man who has a taste and love for the streets.

The album hits on common themes of getting up, getting your smoke on, grindin' and international flare with the track "El Capiton".

Midnite, another local producer makes his way onto the album from the sounds of it and comes through in usual style.

Midnite has been a prominent name in the hip-hop community, but from what I understand R & B is his specialty.

R & B is something you won't really find on this CD, sorry ladies, I think this album is for the fellas.

I'm not sure what the word is around town about "Soul of the City", but I have dished out a few of these CDs and the response from myself and others has been really positive. Like "The Demonstration", the most compliments are given to the overall production of the album.

Overall, I really believe in Destroy and his work.

To change the subject away from music, he has my respect for his views on helping the community and the work ethic involved with that.

He has been through a lot in this city, on a music level and personal level and it all comes through on "Soul of the City".

I give big props to Destroy and also my condolences on the loss of his good friend this past year.

Keep it up Destroy, I rate "Soul of the City" a 4 out of 5 elements.

Destroy is performing live with SubSoil and Coach Build, November 15th at Dub Land Underground, if you want to catch him live.

Live is where he will show you his diversity, he has been performing with SubSoil for a long time and he can show you how to get down with a live band too.

Check the flier below for details on the event.

Peace kids...

- Games

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