Eatin' MCs: Thursday Nights At Spike's

werd: james niche
foto: al fox

Tim Tones, my favorite hip-hop DJ in Rochester, has started a fun night of scratchin', poppin', lockin', freestylin' and battles at an unlikely spot, Spike's on Monroe Ave.

It goes down every Thursday night at Spike's and has been growing in audience size week by week.

Tim sets up and plays the best in hip-hop from old James Brown breaks, old-school favorites, up and coming national artists and most importantly, he's the only DJ in the city playing local cats music. Consistently.

This isn't just a freestyle night, but a good blend of good tunes and then he will announce opportunities for area MCs to get on the mic.

Reece Q usually holds it down as host, but that position is often shared by none other than Harvey Wallbanger, Rochester's Ol' Dirty Chinese Restaurant.

The drinks are pretty well priced and the crowd is always friendly, the joint is seemingly sucker-free. Do Tim Tones a favor though and don't sweat his DJ nuts at the table, wait your turn.

So, if you would like to hear the best in Rochester hip-hop, get down to Spike's on Thursdays for a good time.

See you there...peace.

- Games

This guy pays some bills:

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Black Milk "Dirty Horns" ("Dirty District: Vol. 1", 2005, Fat Beats)

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